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Support your young person through recovery 


speek is a safe space for parents of young people who self harm to find therapeutic care and a judgement-free community. 

Our evidence-based support is tailored to your and your family's needs. We curate your Speek Support Plan to equip you with tools and skills to support your young person into and through recovery. We believe having access to specialised clinical psychologists should be the default, so at Speek our sessions are delivered by compassionate and highly experience Clinical Psychologists in groups of 6-8 parents. Connect with a community of experts & parents who get it. 

                speek support combines three therapeutic modalities to better fit your needs:





All our support is delivered online, from the comfort of your own home. 



Long-term support with speek

Equip yourself to create therapeutic shifts at home that can support your young person into and through recovery from self harm.

Sign up to our flexible and tailored support. Once you've completed your parent questionnaire to help us understand your and your family's needs you'll receive:

  1. Your Personalised Support Plan

  2. Your biweekly Speek sessions/skill building activities to watch and complete

  3. And Speek Group Therapy sessions with a Speek Clinical Psychologist and a group of 6-8 parents (biweekly)

Autism & Self Harm:

Speek provides a Support Plan with adapted modules & sessions for parents of young people with Autism and Self Harm

Cost: £30/month subscription fee*

*50% off for families on DWPApply here.

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Expert-led parent community at speek

Connect with a community chat of highly experienced Clinical Psychologists & Parents who get it.

Our community chat provides parents with support and knowledge, personalised to their journey. Expert psychologists & behaviour change specialists provide specialised and evidence-based responses to parents questions within 24-48hrs.

To engage with the chat, simply download the Speek app!

You'll also have the option to download the speek mobile app where you'll be empowered with:

  • The recovery-focused community chat

  • Anytime access to experts

  • Psychologist-curated, personalised content

What parents say about speek

"I dont panic and no longer feel completely out of my depth, and meeting other parents, I no longer felt I was on my own coping (badly). Speek has allowed me to be kinder to myself, which in turn has helped me deal more effectively with my beautiful daughter"

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