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Parent Support at speek

Join this six-part programme with our team of Chartered Psychologists to learn and practice skills that empower you to create the shifts to help your young one break the cycle of self harm.

 speek programmes are designed using Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)​, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT).

Come to hear how other parents are helping their young one's recover through mental health challenges, come to be heard, come to feel seen. Click here to read more about each session...

The programme costs £30.00 per session (6 sessions in total), with an option to pay over 6 instalments. 50% off for low income families, Apply here.

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Connection over correction.

"It's equally important to note that when a young person is going through mental health difficulties - priorities can sometimes change. This is to ensure their wellbeing improves first before getting them back to learning how to have healthy relationships to boundaries."

- Dr. Amy Lucas, Speek Clinical Psychologist, on the Speek Community

Speek mum, Jen*, describing the impact of applying the "Connection over correction" principle from week 1 of the Speek Parent Programme with the help of Dr. Amy Lucas

Meet the speek experts behind our Parent Programme

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The Speek Support Framework combines input from research evidence, clinician guides and clinical practice. The three major components of the framework are community, knowledge and skills. Broken down these components are delivered as Group Therapy Programmes, Skill Building Sessions, Recovery-Focused Community (of parents and experts) and Digital Micro-interventions. The framework has been designed and reviewed by behaviour change experts, clinical psychologists and researchers in Non Suicidal Self Injury.

What parents say about the Parent Programme at speek

*Names have been changed for confidentiality

To meet and learn from other parents & experts, visit our community

Not sure about committing to a six-week programme yet?

Join our 45-min Connect and Learn session, free-of-charge. Know more....

How it works?

Our parent programme is 12 weeks long with 6 sessions in total, each running at the same time every 2 weeks. Upon joining, you'll be provided access to the  speek app to join our community of experts and other parents. Have more questions? Read our FAQs.

1. Sign up to the program

Book your spot below and receive a booking confirmation via email.

2. Complete survey

Before your session we need you to complete a few on-boarding questions, so we've got all the information we need to support you. 

3. Attend your first session!

You'll receive helpful reminders before your sessions.

Prefer to pay in instalments? Click below to pay over 6 months at £30 per month (upon subscribing, click "Schedule" to book your Parent Programme spot)

If you don't see a group time that works for you, or your preferred group is full, please sign-up to our waitlist. We start new groups each week.

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